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What Does Cow Poop Taste Like?

“Geeeze, what kind of a question is THAT!!” you say?

As a dairy producer who has spent most of your life in a barn, you probably already know the answer: It is not as bad as it smells.

This is an answer that can only be gained from experience, and probably not just once, but many times over the years because inevitably, “stuff” can, and does, happen in the barn.

For Sand Barns:

Stabilized layer of sand prevents….

  • Excessive wear and polishing of floor surface from scraping.
  • Rolling effect of sand particles under hoof causing poor traction.
  • Retention of pathogens as seen in deep and wide grooving.

Grooving Truths and Myths

There is a lot of misleading information that a livestock producer must sift through to get to the actual truth of claims made by grooving suppliers and many academic seminars.

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