Rollerbug Concrete Surface Finish

Rollerbug Rollerbug Closeup

ROLLERBUG is a full surface finish that can be put into the concrete at the time the concrete is being poured.

Some people think the only solution to prevent lameness is to pour smooth concrete and then as the first step following the hardening is to groove the concrete.  Rather than paying for the labour of both processes, this process allows you to create gored concrete as it hardens.

This surface finish will provide between 4 to 10 years or more of traction before it becomes slippery, and doesn’t require treatment after the concrete has hardened.  Unlike grooving which works on a slip and catch principal, ROLLERBUG provides a slip free surface which aids in preventing impact damage to the hoof giving even hoof wear characterisitics.

Adding this process to freshly-poured concrete eliminates future inter-digital strains and corns which are associated with slip and catch grooving.

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ROLLERBUG How to Video:

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