Our Patented Procedure

AGRI-TRAC Inc. / AGRI-TRAC US provides “TRACTION MILLING” as a alternative solution to slippery concrete floors and lameness prevention differently than diamond grooving, scarifying, scabbling and rubber.

Full surface “TRACTION MILLING” provides a positive traction surface which prevents the slip from starting minimizing the potential for hoof damage.

MIlling-tracks-procedureGrooving works on a slip and catch basis. The groove is put in place to allow the hoof to catch the edge of the groove to stop the slip after it has started. This creates mechanical damage to the hoof which can lead to bacterial infections etc. which in turn can cause lameness.

Our “TRACTION MILLING” process works on all patterns of concrete including; slats, diamond grooved, impressed and broom finished flooring. The equipment is compact and versatile and allows access to tight areas like return alleys and cross-overs in addition to the traditional open spaces such as holding areas, alleys and parlour areas.

Since its development in 1997, AGRI-TRAC’s “TRACTION MILLING” has been used to provide livestock with improved hoof health and living conditions in over 1500 facilities covering over 4.5 million Sq Ft across Canada and in the US mid west and north east. Working closely with hoof trimmers and other dairy professionals “TRACTION MILLING” is recognized for the benefit it offers all types of livestock. The positive traction provides confident footing which leads to improved hoof health, increased heat detection and pregnancy rates, with reduced stress that all contribute to increased milk production and greater profitability for the farmer.

Our 7-Step Procedure:

Step 1: Pressure wash the floor in preparation for Traction Milling.Pressure-wash-the-floor-for-traction-milling Step 2: Traction Mill the floor using our patented process.Step-2-Traction-mill-the-floor

Step 3: Power Sweep the heavy fines off of the milled floor.


Step 3: Sweeping the Heavy fines off of the milled floor.


Step 4: inspect and touch up areas that may have been missed.


Step 5: Pressure wash the floor to remove the fine dust.Step-4-inspect-floor-milling

Step 5: Pressure wash the floor to remove the fine dust.


Step 6: Clean equipment before loading; for bio-security.


Step 7: Measure only the traction milled area and provide billing to the customer.


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