Beware of Imitators

What the “Others” have to offer:

Only AGRI-TRAC Inc. and AGRI-TRAC US Inc. can provide Full Surface Concrete Traction Milling (TM). This term and any combination including/excluding any of these words is copyrighted by AGRI-TRAC. The floor texture that is called this can only be accomplished with AGRI-TRAC’s patented equipment. Many competitors have claimed their original product and service was better in the past, and they are now trying to duplicate or cash in on AGRI-TRAC’s reputation and are using our terminology. They are providing a different product that the unsuspecting end user may be stuck with, thinking he was getting the same quality workmanship and effectiveness for his livestock that AGRI-TRAC provides.


Diamond blade milling:

This is achieved by placing half inch wide blades used for diamond pattern and straight line one-way grooving in a solid line with a very narrow spacing between each blade, mounted on a traditional grooving machine. The resulting pattern is a half inch of smoothly polished concrete with only a narrow, sharp ridge remaining to cut into the cow’s hoof to provide traction.

The machine is very large and does not lend itself to work in narrow alleys or get close to curbs, walls & posts. Low spots that hold manure and urine may result if the machine stops moving forward for an instant.

Diamond-Blade-Milling Diamond-Blade-Milling-Machine

Another form of diamond blade milling uses a very narrow blade spaced wider apart leaving the original slippery floor surface with only a line cut in to hold manure and urine, The hoof will tend to simply slide over the original surface that remains.

In the event this type of texture does not work, there is nothing that can be done to rectify the problem. Any attempt to modify this surface will result in a floor that is too abrasive to the cow’s hoof.

Diamon-Blade-Milling-2 Diamon-Blade-Milling-2b


Scarifying & planing:

There are two variations of scarifiers. One is for lightly texturing the concrete surface to remove paint or residue to prepare it for a new surface of epoxy, paint or concrete.
The cutters can be arranged to leave a smooth level texture or spaced to leave a portion of the existing surface between those cutters. This results in a surface either lightly scratched that has no longevity or just deep narrow grooves between the original surface, similar to the diamond milling mention above.

Scarifying-and-planing Scarifying-and-planing2

The second type of scarifier is more of a planing action that “hogs” out serious amounts of concrete to change the level or elevation of the surface with multiple passes. This can lead to a very uneven and abrasive surface that also holds a lot of manure at cleanup time. There are also large models of planers that attach to a skid- steer and run off the hydraulic system. They are designed to remove up to 1-2 inches at a pass.

sacrifying-3 Scarifying-2



A scabbler is a machine operating on air pressure from a compressor used for air hammers. It consists of multiple hammers similar to a meat tenderizer that pounds out the surface of the floor up to half an inch deep, two inches wide and two inches apart. This leaves a wide deep groove between the original surface that results in a lot of inter-digital flex on the toes of the hoof and holds considerable amounts of manure.
Like one-way grooving, there is minimal traction if the cow is walking 90 degrees to the cuts direction.

Scabbling Scabbling2


Traditional diamond blade grooving:

This method of cutting wide grooves into a concrete floor has been around a long time and what most people may be familiar with. It works on a slip and catch principle of when the cow slips, the hoof will hopefully catch a groove and stop. This does not always happen. Especially if the grooves are full of manure.

Traditional-Diamond-Blade-Grooving Traditional-Diamond-Blade-Grooving2

For more information on grooving truths, click here



At AGRI-TRAC, we believe that the cleanup is every bit as important as the process. Many of the above providers do not do a pre-wash, sweep up and post wash. By not providing that service, they can reduce their costs (and price) yet, the material that has been milled, cut or ground off the floor not only compromises the effectiveness & longevity of the floor surface by permanently filling in the texture for traction, but also depending on the size, shape and sharpness of the residue, it can injure the hoof.

Clean-up-1 Clean-Up-2


Do the “others” provide these items?


AGRI-TRAC Inc. is a firm believer in a bio-security protocol. All of our equipment is thoroughly washed at the time of job completion and before loading in the truck. If the situation does not allow that on the farm, the equipment and tools are taken out of the truck and pressure washed at a truck wash before going to the next jobsite. If someone has a closed herd or is especially concerned about bio-security, we have the capability of disinfecting all equipment with a 1-2% solution of VIRKON.



AGRI-TRAC’s patented machines are very fast and compact. 1200 -1800 square feet per hour depending on the hardness of the concrete, is easily done. Because we do pre and post wash of the floor with 3,000 psi of pressure with rotary cutting nozzles, including complete sweep up with power brooms and removal of the dust and sharp debris, on average, 3,000 ft2 of floor can be done and washed between milkings in a 2 X a day barn.

AGRI-TRAC equipment can also do steep slopes and narrow steps; Something many others cannot provide.




A warranty/guarantee that states that grooves will be in the floor for the life of the concrete or that a process is safe to do on slatted floors, is a warranty that says nothing about what their product will do for the health, safety or comfort of the cows.
AGRI-TRAC’s claims of both safety for livestock and the pre-cast concrete slats were fully investigated during the two year “Patent Pending” period before the full Patent being granted.

AGRI-TRAC Inc. has a past track record since 1997 of working with the customer if there is a rare complaint to find the reason for their dissatisfaction. We have the capability and technology in every truck to test the strength of the concrete floors in either PSI or Mpa (pounds per square inch or megapascals).
Customers know before we start, the quality of their concrete and life expectancy of our Traction-milling process on their floor.

AGRI-TRAC Inc is also the only company to investigate and research the cause and effect of using lime on the cow beds and how it permanently fills in concrete floor textures AND grooving. Learn more here
We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Money saving tips on pouring new barn floors We also inform the producer of other things that create slippery floors no matter what the texture, such as, sloped to the center alleys, robotic slat scrapers that do not have a sprayer option and not enough livestock population. Because we do not make vague claims, we inform customers up front of the facts about their facility, we have very few complaints about our workmanship. If there is a problem, it is promptly corrected.

“If you are happy, tell others. If you are not…tell us first.”


Because AGRI-TRAC Inc. provides…

  • Full service start to finish.
  • Disrupts the farm routine as little as possible
  • Leaves the barn cleaner than when we arrived.
  • Have extensive experience on dairy farming practices.
  • Had 25 years of barn construction experience previous to developing full surface concrete traction milling (TM).
  • Do not charge travel time or have hidden costs.
  • Charge only for areas of floor we actually texture, not curb to curb. -Give labour credits when owner wants to help with cleanup.

AGRI-TRAC Full surface concrete traction milling is a bit higher price per square foot than most other options excepting for rubber. (rubber is considerably higher than AGRI-TRAC) When one considers all of the above items and the fact we modify close to 95% of the floor surface and only charge for what we actually do, AGRI-TRAC works out to be very competitively priced compared to what the others do and don’t offer. Diamond grooving modifies less than 20% of surface and charges for 100%.

The sweetness of low price is soon forgotten when the bitterness of poor quality is realized.

Groovers charge curb to curb


No charge for area not done with AGRI-TRAC



Geographical areas covered:

Because AGRI-TRAC Inc. & AGRI-TRAC US Inc. is North America wide, we work with both American and Canadian hoof trimmers and producers to gain extensive experience and resources to draw upon to understand the different stresses you livestock are under. Such things as geography, climate, different types of housing and feed. There have been many situations where we recommend doing smaller areas with an adjustment period of a few months for the cows before doing more. AGRI-TRAC is in business to make you, the producer, more profitable, not us making a quick buck and disappearing.

To date, (2014) we have done full surface traction milling on 1500+ farms over 120 acres of barn floor of all types and descriptions. Coast to coast in Canada, the American north-east, north central and mid-western states. Not many of the “Others” can say that.


Pre-cast Slatted Floors:

Before 1997, there was no mechanical means of safely modifying the surface of the high strength concrete used for pre-cast slats. Diamond grooving resulted in many slat manufacturers warranty being voided because the rebar had been exposed by the diamond saw blades, resulting in corrosion, expansion, breaking and rapid disintegration of the structurally engineered floor. AGRI-TRAC worked for 3 years in conjunction with the slat manufacturers in developing a piece of equipment that met their specifications. No off-the-shelf equipment exists that can provide the safe texture for livestock AND precast floor.

Because our machine works on the high strength concrete of slats, it works even better on all concrete floors.

Note the rusted rebar in the shallowest part of the cut


Scarified Slat in Alberta Canada



Full surface concrete traction milling on slats by AGRI-TRAC:


Thank you for taking the time to look at these comparisons. The pictures above are actual shots taken from existing barns throughout North America that we have been called into to rectify their floor issues.
You may recognize your own floor type.

If you are not experiencing any problems, that is good. We firmly believe that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If you are experiencing issues, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Tom Woodall



Toll free: 1-877-966-3546

A wise decision is an informed decision.

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