Frequently Asked Questions


Why is AGRI-TRAC better for my cows?

The AGRI-TRAC texture is significantly different from Grooving, Scabbling or Rubber flooring. Heat detection increases, resulting in more milk production, and involuntary cull rate is reduced because of fewer injuries from falls and foot and leg disorders. AGRI-TRAC reduces and almost eliminates the “slip & catch” concept of all other available choices that results in de-lamination, inter-digital injury and bacterial exposure (strawberry foot & sole ulcers) because of volumes of manure left behind after cleaning. (See articles on “What is the manure storage capacity of your floor?” and “Rubber flooring may increase the number of lame cows.”)


How do I know if this is true?

If you would like to call to get a list of past customers in your area that have done enough square footage in their operation to know the results and can prove to you in their financial bottom line that it pays for itself in less than a year, call 1-877-966-3546 and say “prove to me AGRI-TRAC works..” we will provide as many references as you want that you may call.


Patented-milling-or-diamond-groovingHow is AGRI-TRAC different from Diamond Grooving or Scabbling?

All other methods of trying to reduce slippage leave a large portion of the existing floor surface untouched and still slippery. AGRI-TRAC eliminates the entire top one eighth of an inch of existing surface and leaves a fine ribbed pattern in the concrete about a quarter inch apart.


How good is the concrete after removing the surface?

The surface of a poured concrete floor is only sand and Portland cement. The part that gives concrete its strength is in the larger aggregate (stones) under the surface. If the concrete is of reasonable strength with quality ingredients it will not be affected at all. Unless your original floor surface was polished smooth and sealed with epoxy, it was already porous. If there were no concerns about acids and frost before, there won’t be afterwards.


How long will AGRI-TRAC last?

As mentioned above, the aggregate is the hardest part of concrete. The AGRI-TRAC texture is ground into these stones. The stronger the concrete mix, the longer it will last. Also, by using a rubber scraper instead of steel, the texture will last considerably longer, especially if it scraped several times a day. Alley scrapers have very little down pressure compared to bucket type scraping so do not wear down a floor very much, unless sand bedding is being used. At that point, everything wears out quicker.


I suppose you recommend AGRI-TRAC for new floors as well?

NO!!! You do NOT need to spend extra money on achieving a good texture on concrete that is not yet in place! See article…”Money saving tips on pouring new barn floors.”


What is the cost comparison?

Seventy percent (70%) of the floors we have done are over top of grooving and scabbling. The customer consensus is that smooth floor is 0% traction and pasture is 100% traction. Grooving and scabbling & rubber will offer 30% improvement. AGRI-TRAC offers 80% traction. You cannot expect to duplicate pasture on concrete, but we get more than double of other alternatives. Get the prices of those options and call 1-877-966-3546 to get a quote on your project and decide from there. We are more than competitive once these facts have been considered.


Will you come all the way to my farm, and what does that do to the price?

We are a Canadian company as well as having a United States Corporation. We can go anywhere in Canada and the U.S. Our price structure per square foot for each independent country does not change from region to region, but we do need to have enough square feet to do to initially go to that region. This is why we make a special offer to anyone who calls from an area that does not have enough area to cover the travel expenses. The offer entails that advertising material will be provided for that individual to pass onto neighbours & friends that may need our services. For every job in that area that was done through the initial customers efforts, he will receive a discount on his invoice. We have had customers that have almost paid for their own job by referrals. It pays to be the first to call in your area!


Does AGRI-TRAC have a Biosecurity policy?

Step-5-Power-Wash-Milled-Floor-BYes. At the end of the farm lane before entering the yard, the truck tires and workers boots are sprayed with a disinfectant (Virucidal Extra). All equipement is sprayed before coming out of the truck and again before going back in at the end of the job. Clean clothes are also worn to each job. If there is any extra protocol already in place on the farm, we are happy to do that as well. AGRI-TRAC is very serious about the protection of the livestock industry from transmittable diseases.


Is there anyone else in my area that does AGRI-TRAC?

We are currently the only one in North America that provides this service. (We have a U.S. and Canada patent on the process) We would be interested in being contacted by anyone interested in providing this service in their area.


Contact us or Call toll-free….1-877-966-3546

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